Carving Angels

I read this book last night in about an hour. It's only 115 pages of bigish type. This is a story about Santa's elves, 2 in particular. Papa Adam is a very old elf who can no longer see, he hasn't carved any toys for Santa in a very long time. This has caused him to feel as though life is passing him by, and that he's no longer important. One day his youngest granddaughter, 5 year old Amy, comes to visit him. She brings him a block of wood, tells him it's very beautiful, and demands that he carve her a toy like he's carved toys for all of the other grand-kids. Papa Adam doesn't feel that he can still carve with his eyesight gone, but he decides that it really can't hurt anything to get his tools out and give it a try. So he does and he's amazed that he's able to carve a beautiful angel for Amy, including details, and he's also amazed at how much purpose one simple project brings to his life. Amy begins bringing him wood to carve on a regular basis and soon they discover that Amy also can carve. This was a beautiful story of love, and Christmas magic. I would highly recommend reading it, and I think there are older children out there that would really enjoy this book also!