Evie is all settled in as a normal girl in school. She's chosen to use the last name of Green, Lend's dad, David, is her guardian and she lives with Arianna above the diner where she coincidentally works. She loves school, especially having a locker, except for PE, Evie is not really a sports girl and the teacher is kind of a beast. Her best human girl friend, Carlee, tries to help, but sometimes that makes things worse for Evie. As she's lying on the grass trying to recover from the beating she took during the PE soccer match, Evie notices a strange cloud that seems to have lightning bolts shooting in it. She thinks it's kind of odd, but doesn't have time to worry about it before her next class. Only she doesn't get to stay for all of her next class, she's called to the office to be checked out by her "aunt." Her aunt turns out to be Raquel, her old boss and the closest thing to a mother Evie has ever known, Raquel has known that Evie's alive, but has told everyone at her old job at the IPCA that she's dead. Unfortunately, there seems to be more work with paranormals than the people at the IPCA can handle and Raquel asks for Evie's help. Evie isn't sure that she wants to and Lend is set against it, maybe that's what makes it so exciting for Evie to consider and eventually do without letting anyone know about it. But how will Lend feel when he knows that Evie's lied to him? This is the sequel to Paranormalcy, I loved that book and this one was just as good. Super exciting and filled with all kinds of Paranormals, vampires, faeries and of course, whatever Evie is!