The Son of Neptune

This is the second book in Rick Riordan's popular Heroes of Olympus series. This whole series follows the Percy Jackson series and if you haven't read that series you definitely should! Book one of the Heroes of Olympus series is told from the point of view of Jason, while this book is told from the point of view of Percy. Percy has lost his memory, he isn't sure why monsters keep chasing him to try to kill him. He really isn't sure why after he kills the monsters they reform and try to kill him again. He isn't sure why, but he feels like he really needs to be in San Francisco, maybe it's because he is more powerful in the water. He arrives at a camp in San Francisco for half-bloods, but it doesn't feel familiar to him at all. Percy only remembers one thing from his past life, Annabeth. He knows that she's his girlfriend, but he has no idea where she is or how to find her. At Camp Jupiter Percy makes some new friends, Hazel and Frank. They both have their own secrets, but they will all have to band together to take on the special quest they're chosen for and to help save all the half-bloods before it's too late. This was a really fun and exciting book. I love these books. They are written for older elementary/Jr High kids, but there's plenty of action in these books for adults too. I had to hide this book from our 11 year-old daughter so that I could have a chance to read it first!