Mickey Bolitar is a normal high school boy. Except for the fact that his dad was killed in a car accident, his mom is in rehab so he has to live with his estranged uncle, and his girlfriend Ashley disappeared mysteriously. He's not sure what to do about Ashley, but he tries to be as supportive as he can for his mom and to sort of get along with his uncle. One morning he's walking to school past Bat Lady's house when she appears at the door and yells at him to tell him that his dad is still alive. Bat Lady is the crazy old lady of the town. Mickey is really confused by this, since he was with his dad when he died so he tries to get her to answer her door and explain what she meant by that comment, but the door goes unanswered. Mickey is confused about that comment, but knows that life must go on and he really feels that he needs to find out what happened to Ashley, especially when there's no trace of her at the people who are supposed to be her parents house and her mom knows nothing about her. But is Mickey ready for what he will find out about Ashley's life? I enjoyed the plot of this book. It was fast paced and crazy. I enjoyed the characters. They all had plenty of personality. I didn't love the language in this book. I thought it could have been worse, but I really enjoy reading a book that I don't have to worry about our kids reading over my shoulder!