Monster Mash and Bash Book Giveaway and Janitors

monster bash and bash

Today we have a blog hop, so fun! I am going to be giving away a signed ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) of the Janitors by Tyler Whitesides, it's brand new, as far as I know never been opened except to be signed. I thought that it would maybe be a good idea to read it first. So, I pulled out the hardback copy that we were able to also get signed. This is one of our 11 year-old's very favorite books right now, she's read it twice just since we won it in  September. Spencer is just a normal 6th grader. He goes to school and is bullied by the class bully and he goes home and tries to clean the home that they are living in (he's a bit of a neat freak, and his family is definitely not!) Right now his family is living in his Aunt Avril's house in the wealthy subdivision of a small town in southern Idaho. They live there, because Spencer's dad left them to work on a job and he never came back. One particularly disastrous day, school is going along as normal when Spencer falls asleep in class and then he wakes up with algebraic equations written all over his face in permanent marker. He goes into a bathroom to clean his face, and of course, that bathroom has no soap, but there does appear to be a small bottle of Best Western shampoo that someone's left in there. The shampoo looks a little strange, bright pink, but it's all there is, so Spencer uses it anyway. The soap burns his face and he accidentally gets it into his eyes. That's when the craziness starts! Spencer starts seeing strange little creatures all over in the school. It's pretty scary, but what's even more scary is that none of the other kids in school seem to be able to tell the things are there, although it does seem as though the Janitor that was cleaning the school that afternoon could see the creatures. Spencer must convince someone else about the creatures and figure out how to save his school and all the children in it. I really enjoyed this book, it was a pretty quick read, a great Halloween book for the kids! I liked the characters and all the zany problems that they were able to get themselves into. I can't wait to read the second installment that should be available next year.

How to win!
So, in order to win the copy of the book, there's just a couple of quick things that you need to do. First off, please follow my blog, it's just on the right hand side, a little ways down where all the little pictures are. The second thing you need to do is just leave me a comment telling me that you did that, and if you happen to already be a follower, this is the only thing you need to do. You have until October 31st at midnight to do this. Then on November first, I will randomly pick a winner and post the winner here on my blog. Pretty simple right! I hope you win the book.