Keepers of Blackbird Hill

Jayda, also known as Jane in her small town of Blackbird Hill, is returning after 16 long years. She ran away right after high school to be a Hollywood star and she had some minor success, but now her aunt Leora is moving to a retirement home and someone, Jayda, needs to stay in the old home that was built by the pioneers that settled the valley. They also need to save the home from the developers who want to turn the whole thing into one of those developments that you always hear about that will kill the wonderful small town. Unfortunately, Jayda has no idea how to go about this. But with her dog, Tarzan, she's going to try to figure it out. She knows that she will need a lot more help than just her trusty dog, however, she knows that she will need to enlist the help of all the willing townspeople, but she needs to figure out just who's willing first. With the help of Smoot, a little boy who just wants to be loved, Lee, her old boyfriend and Smoot's uncle, and her ex husband, Ethan, she will do just that! I liked the concept of this story and I liked probably 95% of it. The story is a bit of a mystery with Jayda receiving threatening notes and having all kinds of crazy problems that you aren't sure who's causing. I liked the little bit of love story in it also. The one thing that I didn't love was the ending. I kind of had guessed who the bad guy was going to be and I was right, which was fine, but the whole ending seemed just really short and not as great as the rest of the story. I wished that it had seemed more climatic maybe.