The Hainan Incident

Yi Jichun (Jason in English) is an American attorney, he does have Chinese ancestry so that makes him an ideal choice for him to be an undercover agent in China. He's supposed to be uncovering corruption in the Chinese court system and decides to take a little trip to Hainan Island. He's having a great time playing tourist when he runs across an oddity, a computer with a strange symbol in a hut in a cultural village where you wouldn't imagine a computer would be kept. What really shakes him up is when the expensive camera that he took a shot of the computer with disappears from his hotel room right after he's taken it. He flies home as scheduled, minus camera, but his flight is really late and he really doesn't want to wait for it. So he books a flight to a slightly different destination and is floored the next morning when the news reports that his original flight had crashed in route. I didn't not like this book, but I was kind of confused by it, especially in the beginning. I wasn't sure how everything was supposed to fit in, the book kind of goes back and forth from different perspectives of different people and even back in time sometimes. I did end up liking the way the book ended, but I'm not sure after having read this book if I would read anymore by the same author.