Dr Erin Cross is a very driven research specialist. She's in the middle of making a vaccine that would literally change the world. First she needs to eat some lunch. While she's in a small deli eating a sandwich, she gets some strange texts. They come from no number and they keep saying things like "You'll be dead in 60 seconds." Just when she thinks she's figured out who they're from a lone gunman comes into the deli and starts shooting. He kills several people and injures more before taking his own life. Erin and the others in the deli are saved by Sean Flannery, a former Marine. Things for Erin go from bad to worse, when on her way back to work she realizes that she's being followed, she's still getting the scary texts and the guard at the door of her company is shot while she's trying to get into her office. She's really not sure what to expect when she goes home to her condo, but she finds it in shambles and knows she's got to get out of there. This begins her crazy run from whoever it is that is trying to kill her. It's downright scary how they seem to know her every move. Is there anyone that Erin can trust? This book was so intense. I enjoy books that seem like they could be real, how this one did, yet they are also really scary. I suppose the technology is really all there for how Erin was tracked by the bad guys in this book. I hope that no one is able to track me the same way! I really enjoyed it, I had a hard time putting it down to do anything!