Before I Say Goodbye

Rikki Crockett has come home to Spanish Fork, Utah after a very long absence, she ran away from her hometown 20 years ago when her then boyfriend, Dante, went on a mission and she hasn't been back since. Part of that was her abusive father. Now she's returned, partially because her father has since died and left her the home that she grew up in and part of that is that she needs to find a future for her 2 children, 13 year old Kyle and 7 year old James. As she attends her LDS ward for the first time in a very long time, she realizes that things have changed. She's forgotten how modestly they dress and also the Bishop of her ward is none other than Dante. Dante is not quite sure what to think of Rikki's appearance, he's very much in love with his wife Becca and their 4 children, even as he's very busy being the Bishop of his childhood ward. Becca's just confused. She instinctively knows that Rikki meant a lot to Dante, but it's obvious that neither of them are trying to rekindle that, so then why is Rikki there and what exactly does she want? I really enjoyed this book. You kind of get perspective from Rikki, Becca, Dante, and even Kyle all through the book and I think this really helped with getting to "know" the characters, it makes them seem more real. I enjoyed the story and I cried at the end, such a beautiful ending!