Voice Across Time

Abby is a successful real estate agent living in Colorado, her grandmother who lived in St. George has just died and Abby is going to her house to go through the things that were left behind. The only problem is her boyfriend Scott doesn't want her to go. He tries to get her to agree to marry him instead. Abby loves him, but she's not sure that she's ready to agree to a commitment just yet. She wants to go through her grandmother's things first and then decide about Scott. Going through her grandparent's things is just as hard as Abby knew it was going to be. It does help that her grandma's next door neighbor, Mrs. Givens is there. She brings Abby dinner the first night she's there and even gets Abby to go back to Church with her on Sunday. Abby's family were active in the LDS Church when Abby was young, but they haven't gone to Church in a long time. Going to Church awakens a long dormant spiritual need in Abby that she'd like to examine. Scott on the other hand, plainly tells Abby that he wants nothing to do with anything spiritual in his life right then. But when Abby runs into her childhood crush Blake Matthews, she must make a hard choice. Will she choose love and spirituality with Blake or fun and love with Scott? I really enjoyed reading this book. This book had a story of one of Abby's ancestors right alongside Abby's story and I really enjoyed that. I thought that it was a really sweet funny romance. And it was completely clean!