To the Rescue

This is a book I've been waiting to read for awhile. We got it when it first came out last fall sometime, but I was second in line for the book and my awesome husband takes a really long time to read books. He doesn't have all that much time, anyway, I finally have been able to read it and it was really worth the wait. Thomas S. Monson is the Prophet and leader of my Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS.) He's an amazing man, always very concerned about others. The title refers to his wanting to "rescue" those around him. There are many stories included in his biography about how he does just that. It's hard to believe all the coincidences that happen to him, he's visiting a friend in the hospital at the exact moment that someone else in the hospital needs him, or he sits by someone on a plane that has some questions that need to be answered. Really amazing! One thing I really found neat in his biography is how many suits he gives away, his secretary says that he gives away about 10 suits a year! There are many stories about how he meets with people to give them callings or whatever and that person who didn't own a suit walks out wearing his suit. I am grateful to Heavenly Father that we have such a marvelous man to be Prophet. I'm grateful to have been able to read his biography and learn a little more about him.