Pumpkin Roll

I have been looking forward to reading this book even since before I posted about Josi Kilpack's iPad2 contest. Sadie is one of my very favorite book characters to read about. This book doesn't disappoint! Sadie and Pete are babysitting for Pete's grand kids in Boston, his son Jared and daughter-in-law Heather are checking out some homes for their move to Texas. Sadie is enjoying seeing the grandpa side of Pete and falling even harder for him as she does so. Things get weird pretty fast though. On their first night alone with the kids they see a neighbor, Mrs. Wapple digging in her front yard, the kids are enjoying watching her strange behavior and they share with Pete and Sadie that she's a witch because she cast a spell on another neighbor's dog and that dog died the same day. Of course, Pete and Sadie don't believe that, it must have been a coincidence, but Mrs. Wapple catches Sadie watching her out the window, does some strange arm movements and all of a sudden the light bulb that's right next to Sadie shatters all over her. Pretty strange, but still just a coincidence, right? Then all kinds of strange things start happening, someone's been in Jared and Heather's house while they were sleeping and the dishes start appearing in strange configurations on the floor. Pete and Sadie are uncertain what to think, so they start a little investigation of their own, but will they find a ghost, or something more human bothering them? I really enjoyed this book, there were several recipes that I wanted to try, I love that they are online now, so I don't have to copy them out of the book. I really enjoyed the plot and I had no idea which way this one was going to go, very mysterious, I can't wait till spring to find out what happens next to Sadie!