The Peasant Queen

I've been waiting a really long time for the library to get a copy of this book, I was so happy to finally be able to read it. Imagine how you would feel to be Krystal, her father is dead, her mother is blind so Krystal has to take care of her, and her 3 brothers see her as a cook. One day she finds out that her brother Andrew has determined that she will marry a boy from the village without her consent. The boy seems to only care that she is pretty and he refuses to allow her to keep reading after they are married. Krystal tries to get Andrew to see things her way, but he refuses and she decides she needs to get away for a while. She puts on pants and heads into the forest with her dog Damen, but someone is following her and she finds herself captured by strangers. She is brought by very strange means to a very strange and different land where it's king, Gregory, pronounces her a princess and tries to keep her in that life. He also demands that she marry him. She hears rumors of Gregory's nephew, Prince Jareth the true prince of the land, but she doesn't know him, he appears to be hidden by Gregory so that Gregory can steal his kingdom. She only knows that she isn't a princess and she just wants to go home, but will escaping require her to meet the missing prince? This was an enjoyable and exciting book. I would definitely read more books by this author!