Montana Summer

Shelby Hamilton is so happy, she's just gotten engaged to the most eligible bachelor at BYU, her roommates are going on and on about her ring and how he's picked the perfect one, but Shelby soon starts to wonder why everything doesn't seem so perfect. She's not sure why she feels concern when Brad, her fiancee, expresses his opinion on the reception and most of all the wedding dress and doesn't seem to take her wants into consideration at all. Soon Brad convinces her to go visit his family in Montana and Shelby ends up having to go by herself, because Brad's internship starts sooner than expected. She's not so sure about going by herself, but she loves Brad's parents and there's just something about his older brother, Cameron. He doesn't seem to really like her, but that could be because she covered him in compost. As she gets to know him better, Shelby realizes that they have a strong connection, she's not sure if it's stronger than the connection she feels to Brad or not. The more time they spend together viewing the Montana countryside the more they fall in love with each other. But is Shelby willing to give up her "perfect" life she's pictured with Brad for true love or not? This was a really cute and fun book. I enjoyed the humorist aspects of the plot. I really liked Shelby's attitude about life and how she changed throughout the book. I could not put this book down!