Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25

I've read an awful lot of Richard Paul Evans books, they're usually romance books and they're usually really good, but I have to say I really like this style of writing better for him. This is more of a fantasy, sci-fi type. There aren't a bunch of other kinds of creatures like in Fablehaven or Percy Jackson, it's the kids themselves that have powers. Michael Vey is not a normal high school student, he'd like to be normal, but he has a power. He can shock things, kind of like an eel. He even shocked his mother one time when she was bathing him as a 3 year-old. He's a lot smaller than the other kids in his grade, so he gets picked on a lot: things like being stuffed in his locker or garbage cans. He gets stuffed in his locker by the bullies of his high school and the principal gives him the month's worth of detention instead of the bullies. One day he's fed up with being beaten and these same bullies are trying to pants him, basically remove his pants and make him run home without them, and he decides that they will not be picking on him again. He shocks them right in front of the cheerleader that he likes, Taylor Riddley. She is amazed, but not really surprised, you see, Taylor has a secret too. She can read minds and she can make others "reboot." Essentially they forget whatever they were doing. Taylor and Michael determine that they were born in the same Pasadena hospital on the same weekend and that a bunch of babies died that weekend. But wonder of the internet, finding out that much gets them into trouble. People come looking for them, but will they be able to capture them and use their powers for evil? This book was amazing! I loved the plot line, I loved the characters. It was just a fun book.

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