The Last Little Blue Envelope

This book is a sequel to 13 Little Blue Envelopes. When last we saw Virginia, Ginny, she had just had her backpack and all her little blue envelopes from her aunt Peg stolen. She was devastated and she called her uncle Richard to pick her up. Then they found all of Aunt Peg's art and were able to sell it and make a tidy profit on it. Now Ginny is 18, she's applying to colleges and doesn't really know where her life is going. Her sorta boyfriend Keith from London is seeming distant. One day out of the blue she gets an e-mail from another Londoner named Oliver saying he's found her envelopes and basically offering to give them back, or so Ginny thinks. She figures out a way that she can return to England for the Christmas holiday. She'll stay with her uncle Richard, pay a visit to her sorta boyfriend Keith and get her letters from Oliver. But things don't always work out the way that you've planned. Keith has a new girlfriend, a girl that Ginny actually really likes, and Oliver is blackmailing her. He's read about the amount of money that Ginny made from the first sale of her aunt's artwork and he wants a cut. Ginny's not sure what to do, Oliver tells her that if she doesn't do things the way that he tells her to do them he'll leave and she'll never see him or her aunt's letters again. But he's totally blackmailing her and he expects her to go to Paris with him to get part of the artwork. It's a pretty crazy ride with Ginny, Oliver and Keith and his new girlfriend Ellis all traipsing across Europe. I really enjoy this story. There was some language in this book that I wasn't thrilled with, but it really could have been worse. This is a young adult book, but I don't think I'd want to have even a 16 year-old reading this one.