Garden Plot

Erin Kilpatrick runs a rehab center for those people who have struggled with substance abuse. The center is in an old convent and she and her daughter Jennie live in a home on the same property. One morning as she's on her way from home to the center she stumbles across a body in her garden. It appears to be on of the guests of the center. Pretty soon the police are over running both her garden and the rehab center searching for clues as to who could have killed this guest and dumped them into Erin's bean plants. Could it have been one of the guests? Jason freely admits to a bit of a violent past, something that his police record confirms, but he's just a giant teddy bear, isn't he? As Erin and police officer Liam Harris search for the answers together they both begin to feel an attraction to the other. Things get a bit crazy when trying to balance caring for her guest, her daughter, her home renovations, and her visiting teacher's dog after the visiting teacher has a heart attack, all while trying to solve a murder. I really enjoyed reading this book. I thought that it did a good job of portraying both the Church and visiting teaching, there was just enough romance to keep it fun and interesting, and I wasn't able to figure out the mystery by myself. Sometimes the mysteries are way to easy to figure out and you know whodunit from the first page. Sometimes it's okay to kind of work through and see how everything happened, but I think it's better to be kept guessing the whole book, that's how this book was for me.