A Distant Shore

This is the 3rd book in the Shadows of Brierley series by Anita Stansfield. The series is set in the 1840's, and this book is set mostly in Nauvoo, Illinois. I haven't always loved this series, the other 2 books have kind of seemed like the plot line was almost exactly the same. I thought that this book was a little better that way. Ian and Wren Brierley are living in Nauvoo. They are enjoying living in the shadow of the Nauvoo Temple as it's being built and also living near the Prophet Joseph Smith. They also love living in the same house as their friends Ward and Patricia. Wren is expecting their 3rd child any day when Brother Joseph comes to visit to extend a call to Ian and Ward to serve a mission in their homeland. Neither Ian or Ward is thrilled with the idea of being away from their families for so long, but both come to know that it is the Lord's will for their lives and they come to be excited for the opportunity to teach in England and Scotland. Ian is excited that this mission will take him back to his beloved childhood home Brierley. Wren is unsure of how she will manage her day to day lives taking care of their three very small children, but is grateful for Patricia and knows that the Lord will help them both to accomplish all that needs to be done. I did enjoy this side of Ian's character. I enjoyed the mission experiences that he and Ward have. I was glad to not have the focus of this book seem to be mourning those who had died, like the other two books in this series seem to. I would definitely read this series in order, some things may not make a lot of sense if you don't.