The Perfect Token

This is the second airplane book I've read in the last week, pretty funny since it's only been a week since my last airplane ride! John is a young man, he's kind of been the one in charge ever since his mom died, his dad is a pilot for an airline and not home very often. He's always felt that there is a special girl out there for him and that he'll know her when he see's her. He's headed to Northgate University to get his master's degree, living his younger brothers behind to take care of themselves. Brietta is a co-ed at Northgate, she's trying to finish her degree in engineering. She also takes flying lessons and teaches diving lessons. She's seeing all of her good friends around her getting married and she's kind of wondering if there's anyone out there for her. She's just gone through a break up and she has to see her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend regularly because they work at the dive shop too. She's also promised her younger sisters that she won't kiss any guy until she's engaged to him. Brietta's not so sure what to think when she meets John, he seems like a good guy, but he's giving her what seem to be mixed signals and she's not sure that she can trust her own feelings. This was a cute, funny book. I really enjoyed the story and all the twists and turns. At the end I was kind of hoping that she'd end up with the right guy, but I couldn't be sure!