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A few weeks ago I read the book Illuminations of the Heart by this same author, and I realized that she had written another book before that one that had the same characters in an earlier time, so I definitely needed to read the first on. I think that they both stand on their own, so you really don't need to read these in order. It's the year 1176 in France and political tensions are high, there's just been a war between England and France and no one's sure just who is and isn't a traitor. Two marriageable daughter's of Lord Laurant are watching the English king's ambassador, the Earl of Gunthar, arrive at their father's home. There is the beautiful Clothilde and the more plain, at least in their mother's eyes, Helene. Their parents have decided that Clothilde will marry Gunthar. But when Gunthar is nearly assassinated by a family friend and Helene is called upon to tend his wound, she finds herself fascinated by the seemingly hard-hearted Gunthar. She isn't sure why she's fascinated because he's a selfish arrogant man. He doesn't particularly like her either, so he's not sure why he keeps thinking about her and seeing a definite beautiful quality to her, even when others find her plain. This was a sweet love story. I enjoyed it, but I like Illuminations of the Heart better.