Kissing Cousins

Marcia Lynn McClure is a class all of her own when it comes to LDS fiction. Her books are always very romantic and very clean. Her characters always have interesting names and backgrounds. This book is about Poppy, she's a waitress at a restaurant called Good Ol' Days. She loves her job, she works with her best friend Whitney, the boss, Mr. Dexter is really nice, and the best part is the cook Swaggart Moretti. He's so handsome and she's had a crush on him forever. In fact when she and Whitney were 14 they came up with a list of Dreams to Do and Poppy's number one thing was to make out with Swaggart, but she never felt like that was an attainable goal, so she changed it to simply kissing him. One night a really hot and fashionable man comes into the restaurant and he's seated in Poppy's section, this man is with a very rude woman, she's rude to Poppy and rude about the food. The man is not happy with how she treats Poppy and refuses even to take the woman home. Poppy learns that his name is Mark and he eventually asks her to go on some dates with him, which makes Swaggart jealous, because he's had a crush on Poppy forever too. But will he be too late in showing Poppy how he feels, or can she too learn to love him. This was a super cute book, I always enjoy reading books by this author. I like how she has a list of fun facts in the back about the books, things like recipes, why the names of the characters and more. I can't wait to read more by this author!