Hazzardous Universe

Hap (Frederick Eugene Hazzard) is just a normal boy. He works in his grandfather's magic shop, and his dad is dying slowly from cancer. One day as he's working the front counter in his grandfather's shop a strange looking man comes in and asks for Frederick Eugene Hazzard. Soon Hap and the man figure out that he's looking for Hap's grandfather, the man wants to talk to Grandpa Hazzard alone, but Hap is curious and tries to listen in on their conversation. He hears things that make no sense to him, something about a Pyramid being stolen, before his Grandpa sends him outside to clean up the garbage that is all over in front of the shop. Hap is kind of grumpy to have to be cleaning up the garbage that someone else has thrown all over when Tara, a girl that he knows from school, comes looking for a job. He hurts Tara's feelings and sends her on her way not knowing that his grandfather has seen the whole scene. His Grandpa says that he has to fix things with Tara right then. Hap doesn't want to, but knows that he had better do what Grandpa Hazzard says. He finds Tara in a clearing in the woods and tries to say he's sorry, but he's interrupted by a spaceship that accidentally picks them both up and they're off on a wild adventure through the universe with some humans and also some pretty crazy aliens. This was a fun book, full of adventure and all the crazy mess ups that Hap creates.