The Eye of the Crystal Ball

It's World War II in a small town in Germany called Lindenmuhle, everyone knows everyone else. It's late at night and a basket is left on the doorstep of Mr and Mrs Schneider as they sleep. When they awaken in the morning they will find the basket and the baby girl inside the basket. No one knows the sadness they have felt as they've tried to have a baby of their own. But their sadness will be replaced with happiness as they are able to raise the little girl, Sara. She was just 3 weeks old when the Schneider's received her on their doorstep, and as Sara grew up she never quite fit in. She had wild, dark hair and she wasn't the prettiest or the best behaved girl in the neighborhood and she soon discovered that when she was mad she could make objects around her move. Still it was home, until the gypsies came back to get her and Sara realized that her real parents were gypsies and with them was where she had truly belonged her whole life. But even with Sara belonging, her life will not be perfect, life seldom is as Sara will soon discover. This is a young adult fantasy book, I enjoy reading this kind of book. The story, especially the beginning where Sara lived with the Schneider's in Germany, really caught my imagination. And they gypsy part with her adventures was really fun too. It was fairly clean, there were a couple of "farmer" type words (the kind farmers use in their fields when they're kind of mad.) But the rest was clean and interesting. The editor in me did find a few places that needed edited, but that kind of thing is easily overlooked. This was an e-book, you can get it from Amazon. I'm really excited to be working with this author on some things to come. I can't wait!

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