Bumpy Landings

I really enjoy reading this kind of book, it's a romance but it's written by a guy from the perspective of a guy. I always find it fun to see things from the opposite perspective. Jordan has returned from his mission in Oregon to his home in Hawaii, he's not a native of Hawaii, but his Mom teaches college at BYU Hawaii. His mom got him a job at a flower shop and Jordan never dreamed that that would allow him to meet the woman of his dreams, the only problem is that she is a native Hawaiian and he knows that his mom will never go for that. He also knows that his mom will be furious when she finds out that he started flying lessons while living with his dad the summer his dad died and that he wants to be able to finish the lessons and become a pilot. One day he's asked by a co-worker to pick up her Auntie Kehau at the airport, so he goes thinking that he's going to be picking up an older lady, imagine his surprise when "Auntie Kehau" ends up being a really cute BYU co-ed. He takes her to a movie that very same night and his mom hears about it through the grapevine and is furious that he's dating a native Hawaiian. But will things work out for them anyway, or will another man steal away the girl of his dreams? This was a fun book, I really enjoyed the story!