A Billion Reasons Why

Katie is a special education teacher in California. She lives with her best friend Eileen and she's going to get engaged as soon as she gets her grandma's ring from her mom who lives in New Orleans. Katie's dreams of a peaceful life go up in smoke the day that her ex-boyfriend Luc walks through her classroom door. His brother is getting married and he wants Katie to sing at his wedding, Luc wants her to go as his date. One problem....Katie proposed to Luc 8 years ago and Luc turned her down. He's also a billionaire, and he dates all kinds of blonde bombshells, well, according to the tabloids he does. Katie refused to go to the wedding, but it's obvious that her classroom needs better food for the kids, among other things. And Luc is able to convince her to go by promising to get her food and a new full time aide to help her out. He flies her home in his own private jet, something that her soon to be fiance, Dexter, doesn't even complain about. But will Katie want to come back to California after going home to Nawlin's. This was a fun book. I really enjoyed the way Katie likes old movies, music and dancing. I also really enjoyed the fact that this was Christian romance and very clean. I can't wait to find more books by Kristin Killerbeck!