This is the latest addition to H B Moore's books. I love how she writes about heroes from the Book of Mormon. There was a series on Nephi and Lehi, Alma the Younger and Alma, and Abinadi. I love how she's able to bring the characters and stories to life. For me, the scripture stories about these people make more sense, because I can kind of see them as real people not just as a story. Ammon and his brothers have decided to give up the throne of their father so that they can become missionaries to the Lamanites. They travel to the Lamanite's lands and separate to perform their missions. Ammon is captured by the soldiers of the king of the Land of Ishmael, King Lamoni. He's made fun of because he is a prince who has given up his kingdom, but eventually King Lamoni decides to give him a chance as a servant. Ammon quickly realizes that the job that no one wants is the job of head sheep herder. The sheep keep getting scattered by rebel Lamanites, and the king keeps killing the head sheep herders, because they are not able to keep his sheep from getting scattered and lost and he needs all of them for the dinner with the his father the high king that's coming up soon. When the newest head sheep herder, Ammon's friend, is killed because the sheep got scattered again, Ammon knows that he must volunteer and that the Lord will protect him. I really enjoyed this book, I enjoyed the romance between Ammon and Elena, and I really enjoyed the way this book brought Ammon's story to life for me!