Sudden Peril

I have to be honest, with this book I had a really hard time telling just who the main character was supposed to be. It seemed like there were several story lines running, especially at the first with multiple main characters. There's Sarah the master of disguises, but she appears in the first chapter and not again for several. There's Jamie, the new guy, he's not quite sure what's going on with his road trip. He signed up for an internship in Arizona, but he doesn't know that he's going to be walking nearly all the way to Colorado. There's Chad, he's in charge of getting the new guy to where they're going safe, without actually letting him know where they're going or any other real details. There's also Gwen. She works as an executive secretary in an office. Are you confused yet? I was. I wasn't really sure just what all these people introduced in the first 2 or 3 chapters had in common. Eventually you find out that they are all members of the Freemen Foundation, but I'm still not sure I know exactly what the foundation was for, just that they were having a retreat in Colorado for their members. I did get caught up in the action of this book at the end. I would have to say that I would probably read it again, even though I know that I would be completely confused most of the time I was reading it!