Saving Grace

Yeah! Another Denise Hunter book. This book is mainly about Natalie, but of course there are little subplots about other people too. Natalie is a single mom trying to do the best she can after her husband, Keith left her for another woman. She works at a center that helps young girls to make the decision about whether to have their baby or to abort their baby. One day she meets Linn, she's a young girl who's pregnant and know that her dad will kick her out of his house as soon as he finds out and she has a great college scholarship starting in the fall, so abortion seems like the only way to her. Natalie tries to show Linn not only that her baby is a little person not just some tissue, but also that Linn is of worth to a loving Heavenly Father. But decisions will not come easily to either of them, they both will have some tough times, but will they be able to come through them stronger and more forgiving than they started out? This book is book 2 of the New Heights series, I've already read books one and three, so reading this made book 3 make a little more sense. I do like how these books stand on their own, as well as going in a series, so you're not completely lost if you start on say book 3 like I did. I enjoyed this book. I thought that the plot and the characters seemed believable.