Just Shy of Paradise

Lily is a 28 year old woman (the story opens on her birthday.) On her 4th birthday, she wandered over to the Bear River and fell in, only to be saved by what appears to be an angel. So now on her 28th birthday she's doing what she always does, reading her journal and wondering just why she was important enough to save. That's one thing she hasn't been able to figure out in the 24 years since she was saved. She doesn't really feel like she's worth much or that she's pretty, she also has severe anxiety that she goes to counseling in an effort to overcome. But that isn't the way she appears to others, to others she's a beautiful, kind young woman. She isn't having the best day though. She went to get into her car to get the mail and realized that someone has siphoned her gas, luckily she has her deceased grandmother's car that still works, so she takes that into town instead. Next as she drives through town she's pulled over by the town police officer for going 6 miles an hour over the limit and finally, after she's yelled at someone fishing on her property, her grandmother's car runs out of gas as well. Luckily the young man that she yelled at felt bad and drove over to Hyrum to get gas for her. This is a story about discovering who you are and feeling okay with yourself. I liked it, I wouldn't say that it was one of my favorites, but I would read more books by this author!