Illuminations of the Heart

The Lady Siriol de Calendri is a widowed young woman, she is so beautiful that her brother, Simon, on his deathbed sent her to France to live with an acquaintance of his there. As the book opens that is where she's on her way to when out of no where arrive what appears to be knights with no coats of arms on their shields. These men proceed to go through all of Siri's things, effectively ruining her vellum that she uses to paint her illuminations. They are stopped when a Lord comes upon them on the road just before Siri is kidnapped. He escorts them to the castle of Sir Triston de Brielle. Although
Triston is not sure just what to do with Siri, she looks so much like his dead wife that at times it's confusing for him, it also confuses their son, Perrin. Siri is uncertain just what to do, she can't change the way that she looks, but she tries to show love to Perrin and she tries very hard not to fall in love with Triston, but that's just not possible for her. Triston on the other hand tries to get Siri to name a man that she will accept as a new husband by throwing lavish parties and inviting all the eligible gentlemen in the neighborhood. Will Triston see that he loves Siri for herself and not just because she looks like his dead wife before it's too late? I really enjoyed this book. It's definitely a romance, but it is clean and it was a story full of sword fights and twists and turns at every corner!