I Am Not A Serial Killer

John Wayne Cleaver appears to be just an ordinary high school student, but he knows better. His family owns a funeral home, which he sometimes helps at with his mom and his aunt, his dad is gone. John is also completely obsessed with serial killers, he studies their lives and even does reports on them for school. He likes to analyze murders and see if he can come up with the reason for the killing. The reason that he's so obsessed is that he knows that he could easily become a serial killer himself. That scares him, so he's come up with a bunch of rules for himself about things that he may and may not do. He's seeing a psychiatrist because his mom is worried about his obsession. Then his sleepy little town appears to have it's own serial killer. It starts small, with just one murder in the middle of town, but the killer appears to have stolen a kidney from the victim. Soon there is another killing. John wants to know who's doing the killings and why, but he's so afraid that in the process of finding out, he'll release his inner monster and become a killer himself. I found this to be a really dark book. The plot was fine, but just kind of scary and dark and maybe a bit too weird for me. I really don't think I'm going to read the sequel.