Heart of a Hero

We're celebrating Pioneer Day here in Utah, so here's an old west story for you today. It's 1880 in the southern Utah town of Richfield. Summer Bennett is on her way home from her Aunt's finishing school in Brigham City. Summer was always a tomboy and her parents wanted to rid her of some of her bad habits, so they sent her to her aunt's school where she's spent the last five years. She's very excited to finally get to Richfield and part of that is due to the very long stage coach ride that she's had to endure on her way home. She and the other passengers are trying to survive the last hour in the stage coach when all of a sudden bullets start flying, killing the driver and also the guard. Summer knows that she has to do something, so she uses the door as a way to get up into the front seat of the coach to try and stop the horses. That's where her sisters fiance, Jesse, finds her with a shotgun holding off the criminals. He carries her home realizing just how much she's changed from the little girl that used to drive him nuts. Summer can't believe that he's the one who saved her and she's really not thrilled when her "enemy" ties her to his horse so that she can't escape. This was a cute romance. I enjoyed reading it, it was an easy read with enough action to keep me enthralled!