Don't Stop Now

"I did it" was all the message from Penny said. She called Lillian at 4:30 am and left that very crazy message. Lillian's not quite sure that she understands what Penny has done, although she does remember having a conversation with Penny about doing something. Lillian goes to meet her best friend, Josh, who she's been half in love with forever, but he's never noticed and they talk for a bit, which helps Lillian remember a little bit of what Penny could have been talking about. She vaguely remembers that Penny said something about faking her own kidnapping. But who would do something so crazy? It seems as though Penny would, because pretty soon she calls Lillian from the airport and tells her not to tell anyone where she's going. Then everyone starts calling Lillian: both of Penny's parents, the police and even the FBI. Lillian and Josh decide that the only thing they can do is to follow Penny and determine where she's ended up. So they start their cross-country adventure together. Will they be able to find Penny? Will Josh realize how much Lillian cares about him? I honestly didn't love this book. I thought the story line about kidnapping yourself was amusing, but the rest was just okay. I kind of enjoyed the places that Lillian and Josh went on their adventure, but I hated the language they used and the hooking up parts all through the book were annoying. I wished that I had followed my first instinct and stopped reading this book in the first chapter!