Attack the Lusitania!

I think I had vaguely heard of the Lusitania or Lusy as it's referred to in this book, but I don't think I really knew what had happened to it or ever really heard a whole lot about it. This new novel of Jerry Borrowman's touches on the first World War and talks an awful lot about the Lusitania. The Lusitania was an ocean liner, it's "siblings" or ships made at the same time in the same basic pattern as the Lusy were turned into war ships, but the Lusy stayed a passenger liner traveling between England and the US in just under a week, a very fast crossing time for the time. This novel is a tale of a passenger, Everett Stringham from Evanston Wyoming, some of the ship's employees, Bill and Avery Shafer and also John Todd. Everett and his wife are headed back to New York, where his wife will start for Wyoming with relatives while Everett heads back to England on the Lusy to finish up his business. Bill Shafer is the employee who cleans their first class cabin and they get to know him a little bit after they determine that they are all members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints even though Bill has been inactive for quite a while. But his supervisor, John Todd is not at all pleased with members of the Church for some unknown reason and moves Bill to another area of cabins. But will moving Bill make him want to learn more about his dormant faith? This was a very informative book, I really enjoyed getting to know the history of the Lusitania a little bit, I also enjoyed the story surrounding the characters. Jerry Borrowman's books are always fun to read!