The Throne of Fire

This is the second book in the Kane Chronicles series. In book 1 you meet Sadie and Carter Kane, witness their dad dying and learn with them that they are young magicians. Their job is to keep the balance between the House of Life and Chaos. At the end of the last book, Sadie and Carter sent out a tape with messages for other young magicians to come and train with them at Brooklyn House and at the beginning of this book we meet a few of those that answered the call. Carter has been given a message that they only have 5 days until Apophis rises from his cage in the underground to come back and make Chaos rule over the Egyptian House of Life. In that 5 days Sadie and Carter must find the 3 pieces of the Book of Ra and they are all hidden all over the world. First they must rescue the piece hidden in the Brooklyn Museum, but in order to do that not only must they get past the spells that are hiding the book, but they must get past the wedding that's being held in the Museum. This does not go well, of course, Sadie awakens the guardian of the book and then their friends awaken the spirits guarding the windows. The result is bedlam, all in the middle of this wedding. Will Sadie and Carter stay alive and be able to find all the pieces of the Book of Ra before Apophis and Chaos rule? I don't know, you'll have to read it and find out! This was a fun book, I love how the two characters narrate what happens to them! My 10 year old is loving this series, I had to hide this book from her to be able to read it first, and as soon as she discovered that I had it she was constantly asking me if I was done yet. I can't wait to read more of Sadie and Carter's adventures (or misadventures!)