Sweetwater Gap

Here's another Denise Hunter book (did I mention that I have a whole bag of these!) Josie is an independent girl, she lives on her own in Louisville and works as a photographer. Her sister Lauren lives on their family apple orchard near a little town called Shelbyville where every one knows every one else's business. Out of the blue one day Josie gets a phone call from Nate, Lauren's husband, asking her to come home to the apple orchard and help out with the harvest because Lauren's just found out that she's going to have twins and needs to be resting. But Josie ran from their family apple orchard and never wanted to go back, because of things that happened when she was a teenager and there's another secret that she hasn't shared. When Josie shows up to help, she finds another complication, Grady, the new foreman for the orchard can't seem to be able to have Josie around and she's uncertain why. Not to mention Nate didn't tell Lauren that he called Josie for help. This was a sweet and romantic story. It's about being able to forgive yourself and move on with your life, even after bad things happen. I'm really enjoying reading these books by Denise Hunter and not having to worry about language or how far the characters are going to go.