Surrender Bay

This was another Denise Hunter novel set on Nantucket. Is the island Nantucket or the city. I'm not really quite sure, but I enjoy the island and I like how she talks about the same places in these books, so you not only get to know the characters, you get to know the place too! Sam is a single mom, she lives in Boston where she raises her 11 year old daughter, Caden, and tries to pay her bills at a cleaning agency. Her stepfather wasn't very nice to her, so when he dies there's really no reason for Sam to mourn. But he does leave her his small cottage on the sea in Nantucket, so that's a plus. All the cottages right on the sea are worth quite a lot no matter the size, so she knows that being able to sell it will help her and Caden out financially for a long time. The only problem is that she's going to have to face the ghosts of her past to be able to deal with the cottage and she's not quite sure that she can do it. She takes a month long leave of absence from her job in Boston and takes the ferry to Nantucket. She's not exactly sure what's she's going to find there, but she hopes that she isn't going to find Landon still there. There's way to much history and chemistry between them for her liking. But her plans are not going to work out quite the way she wants them too. Not only is Landon still there, but he's delighted to see her and wants to continue their relationship as though there isn't 11 years and her past between them. Little does he know that Sam has put up a large wall around her heart simply to keep him out. Will he be able to break it down? This was a cute book. I love the end message about forgiveness and the gift of love!