Seaside Letters

Here's the latest Denise Hunter book that I read. Sabrina is a waitress in Nantucket. At the same time every morning Tucker comes into the restaurant where she works to get his morning coffee. Sabrina serves him just like everyone else, but she has to try really hard not to let it show how he makes her flustered. Sabrina has been in love with Tucker for a while. She's been e-mailing anonymously back and forth with him for a year. She knows that it's him she's been e-mailing, but he doesn't know that it's her. Or does he? This part of the plot was fun for me, because you get to see the situation from both points of view. Tucker does know it's Sabrina he's been e-mailing because he sought her out specifically. Sabrina knows it's Tucker because he sent her a picture, but when he asked for a picture back of her, she sent a picture of her cousin instead. Sabrina's ex-fiancee ended up cheating on her with another of her cousins and she's vowed not to let anyone else into her heart ever again. One day Tucker tells Sabrina that he has a job that he wants to hire her for. He wants her to read everyone of her own e-mails to him and figure out who they're from. He wants to meet Sweetpea, because he's totally in love with her. She doesn't want to take the job, but what can she do? She doesn't want him to give the job to anyone else and have someone else discover that it was her all along. This was a fun book. I thought the whole plot idea was comical. He knows, but she doesn't know he knows and vice versa. This was a cute book!