River Whispers

Sorry, no post Friday, I'm not sure how often for the next month or so I will have one on Friday. I volunteer for a city program that our city does called Summer Literacy, it's a children's event. We read books, have games (or treasure hunts like next week), have speakers that talk to us about things (Friday was planes, next week we have a detective coming) or performers (in 2 weeks we have Polynesian dancers, way excited for this one!) Anyway, that's a really long way of saying that I just don't have as much time. If I'm really lucky and happen to get through an extra book earlier in the week there will be a post, and if not there just won't be! Okay. Well on to the book!
I really enjoyed Kathi Oram Peterson's first book, The Forgotten Warrior, and I've been hoping for a sequel ever since then. This is not the sequel, but it was a fun story. Regi is supposed to be 38, but I wasn't quite sure the math worked out for that one, because she has twins in college and from the sound of the book, she didn't meet her husband, Earl, until a little later. The editor in me is bugged by stuff like that, anyway, off the soapbox. Regi has just a couple of people in town that she can't stand. Samuel Tanner, her first love who took off in the middle of the night one night and never told her why. He also bought some of her husband's land to help him out and refused to sell it back. Also, Curtis Romney, a park ranger who spread nasty rumors about her daughter, Lisa. One day she happens to run into both of these men within just a few minutes of the other and is even heard by many people threatening Romney. So when he ends up dead, and Regi happens to be the one that finds him, and also the only one that sees him in the location he died (his body was moved by some one) and when the murder weapon ends up in the back of her jeep, the natural assumption is that Regi was the one who killed him. But Regi wouldn't kill anyone. Can she prove her innocence before some one kills her???!! I had a hard time getting into this story, but by the end I was loving it! There was some comic relief. My favorite part is when Regi tries to cook dinner, but she really has no idea how to cook. So Funny!