My Unfair Godmother

The crazy Fairy Godmother, Chrysanthemum Everstar, is back. She's got to do an extra credit project for her Fairy Godmother classes so that she can stop helping the Toothfairy for her part time job and concentrate on being a Fairy Godmother. The only problem is all the teenage girls that get grumpy at her when their wishes aren't all that they're cracked up to be. Take Tansy for example. Her parents divorced a few years back, and her younger sister has been given a part on a touring Broadway musical. So Tansy's been sent to her father's so that her mother can go with her younger sister on the tour. Tansy doesn't seem to fit in with her father's new wife, Sandra, or her son, Nick. She decides to have a bit of a rebellion and go out with Bo, the class troublemaker. Bo takes her on a date one night, he doesn't tell her where they're going, but when they get to City Hall, he expects her to graffiti with him, and if that isn't bad enough he starts breaking all the windows he can with rocks. Tansy was uncertain of what to do, so she called Nick. He tells her that he'll come get her, but that's when she realizes that Bo and his friends have left her to deal with the police that inevitably show up when you are doing something you shouldn't be. Tansy is literally caught with spray paint in her hands and taken to the police station. That's where Chrysanthemum, Chrissy, comes in. You'll never believe all the crazy things that happen as the result of Tansy's 3 wishes! This was a really fun book. You don't have to read these in order, they kind of stand alone too, but you'll want to check out the first story about Chrysanthemum, My Fair Godmother!