Muggy Maggie

Here's another book that I read with our 5 year old. Maggie is in the 3rd grade, and everyone has told her that she will have to start learning cursive. Maggie doesn't want to, or need to learn cursive, she does use her family's computer after all! She tells her teacher that she's not going to learn cursive, she tells her parents that she's not going to learn cursive, and she tells her principal that she's not going to learn cursive. She didn't count on feeling a bit left out when all the other kids learn cursive and she can't read what's written in cursive on the chalkboard. But will Maggie continue to be stubborn about learning, or will her clever teacher trick her into learning against her will. I enjoyed this book, it was kind of funny to read about Maggie, who would have gone to 3rd grade quite a while ago, when computers really didn't do anything, talking about how she used her computer and doesn't need cursive for anything. I've wondered myself if cursive is becoming obsolete, but they still teach it in the 3rd grade!