Mending Places

This is the last Denise Hunter book for this week, but don't worry, there will be more next week. This book is the first of the New Heights series, I read the 3rd, Finding Faith, a few weeks ago. I like that the books in this series are connected, but they also stand on their own too. Hanna helps her Grandma, Gram, run a mountain lodge in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The lodge hasn't been doing the best for the last few years, but she's confident with a little advertising and a few new services that she can turn things around. She places ads for the lodge in a few magazines and advertises for someone to lead day and overnight hikes. That's when she meets Micah. Micah has been leading day and overnight hikes for Hanna's competition, The Majestic, for the last few years. He's just come back from a several day hike and finds the manager's wife in his room, kind of like Joseph and Potipher's wife in the Bible. He tells her to leave, but she won't and his manager walks into a pretty compromising looking situation, so he fires Micah on the spot. Micah applies to work for Hanna, and she hires him on the spot. Hanna is attracted to Micah in a way that she's not been attracted to any other man before, but she has some trust issues and Micah wants nothing to do with women. Will they ever work things out so that they can both be happy? I enjoyed reading this book, I did think the subject matter was a little darker, but it was handled with taste.