If I Should Die

Jennie Hansen is one of my favorite LDS authors. She writes some really fun and creepy mysteries. I love the picture on the front of this book. Kallene and her friend Linda love to run, they run together most mornings in their upscale neighborhood in Salt Lake, they love to run in the canyon. One morning Linda confides in Kallene that she's going to divorce her husband,
Carson. Carson married Linda after her twin, Louise, was killed in a car accident and they have an 18 month old daughter Macie. The next morning Kallene gets up a little late, and hurries to get ready to run, worried about what Carson would have said to Linda's announcement, but Linda never arrives. Kallene gets worried and goes to Linda's house to see if everything is okay, but a very annoyed Carson answers the door and dumps Macie into her arms, thinking that Linda is with her and will be along soon. A couple of days go by with Kallene trying to convince Carson to call the police, because no way would Linda walk away and leave Macie behind, but when he won't call the police or Linda's family, she finally decides that she needs to do it herself. This was a good book. I really enjoyed the story line, although, to me it was eerily similar to a real life case that happened in Salt Lake with Susan Powell. They still haven't been able to find out what happened to her.