The Guardians

Ethan and Andrew Morgan are twins. Ethan is the rugged Manly type, he's a police officer. Andrew is more the studious type, he writes graphic novels, kind of a comic book in novel form, about their ancestor Drew Morgan and his family Bible. Ethan is the older twin by a bit and has been given the Bible as a legacy. He keeps it locked up in a cabinet at his house on display. Andrew has written a play that's being performed at a local school all about himself, Ethan and their ancestors. Ethan forgot that he was supposed to bring the Bible so that they could display it at the school, afraid the Ethan won't come back and will miss the whole thing, Andrew goes to Ethan's house to get the Bible. What he doesn't know is that there is a man waiting there to kill Ethan. This man is a brother of a man that Ethan ended up having to kill and he's out for revenge, among other things. He doesn't have any idea that Ethan had a twin or that anyone else will be in Ethan's house, so when Andrew arrives he assumes that he's Ethan and shoots him several times. This is a story about two brothers and their lives, but it's also a commentary on the way the world is right now. It talks about people trying to destroy Bibles, but they're also trying to get rid of Christianity as we know it. I enjoyed this story!