A Far Horizon

This is the newest Anita Stansfield, it's the second book in the Shadows of Brierley series. This book opens with Ian and Wren leaving Ian's home Brierley in Scotland. They are going to be traveling to America with Wren's sister, Bethia, and her helper Shona. Both Bethia and Wren are pregnant as the journey begins and Bethia isn't always in her right mind. The family travels to Liverpool, where they will eventually get on a boat to travel to America, and there they meet Ward and Millie and become great friends. But their journey to America isn't as smooth as they would hope. While on the ship Bethia has her baby, a girl, which makes her mind go even more crazy than usual. Eventually she takes her own life, with the others left to go on their journey without her. I didn't not like this book, but I really feel no connection with the characters. There were several deaths in this book, and when it seems as if you "know" the characters that makes you sad, but none of the deaths really bothered me. It seems like some of these books are rushed out into the market way faster than they should be, with things like small typos and character development not being as good as they should be. Anyway, this book was just kind of so-so for me.