Driftwood Lane

This book was also set in Nantucket. There are a whole bunch of these! I think I'm getting to the end of them pretty soon though. :( But don't worry, I have a bunch more that I'm excited to read! I'm not sure how Denise Hunter comes up with the situations she does, but I love them! They make me laugh. Meridith is a health inspector in St Louis, she has a fiance, Stephen, a house and she enjoys her job. One day she gets a call saying that her estranged father and stepmother were killed in a boating accident and their will names her as the guardian for their 3 children, none of whom she has ever met, as well as their home, The Summer Place, also a bed and breakfast. Meridith isn't sure what to think. She likes her orderly life and she's not sure she wants to deal with her dad's kids, she felt like he left her in a bit of an impossible situation with her mom. Her mom was bi-polar and it wasn't the best way for a child to grow up. She decides to go, because barring an uncle on their mother's side, whose whereabouts no one is quite sure of, Meridith is all the family the kids have. She shows up determined to sell the Summer Place and move the kids to St Louis, but it won't be that easy. There are a ton of repairs that need to be made before the bed and breakfast will be ready to sell and not that much money. Meridith begins the process of getting bids, and one of them, belonging to Jake is the lowest by far. She doesn't want to hire him, however, because he unsettles her. Little does she know, Jake is the famous "Uncle Jay" just making sure the kids are okay. This was a fun book, I really enjoyed the twists and turns!