Disney in Shadow

This is the last Kingdom Keepers book that I will read for at least a little while. I've been enjoying this series, it appears that there are or will be more from the ending of the book. The story hasn't quite ended yet. This book begins with Wayne, the Disney Imagineer (such a fun word!) in charge of the DHI's missing. Finn and the others have been searching everywhere they can think of in the Magic Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom, but they have no leads. At least not until Jess has a vision of Wayne, but he's no longer in the Magic or Animal Kingdoms, now it appears that he's in Epcot. That's an area that none of the Kingdom Keepers have visited recently, because their DHI's are now active in Epcot and they have to have special permission to visit. Meanwhile, the kids are all growing up and Finn has started to realize that he's attracted to Amanda, which may not be workable long term, because she and Jess may be sent back to a former foster home in another state. This is a way fun series, I love the idea of the DHI. I think it would be a super fun thing to run into in Disney World.

FYI if you live near a Barnes and Noble and you have kids in Elementary school, you should stop in and get their summer reading paper. It's supposed to be for grades 1 through 6, although they said our daughter going into Kindergarten was fine to do it (it never hurts to ask!) All they have to do is read 8 books, fill out the paper and take it back and they can get a free book off the list of books offered. Pretty cool!