A Cowboy's Touch

Here's another Denise Hunter book. Abigail is a 25 year old. She's a writer for a magazine, her boss happens to be her mother. Her doctor is her older sister, Regan. But Abigail is working too hard, her sister discovers that she's suffering from hypertension, which could lead eventually to a heart attack, that's what their father died from. So she tells their mother and their mother orders Abigail to take a 3 month vacation from the magazine and go to a tiny little town in Montana to take care of her great Aunt Lucy. Abigail's mother is worried about Aunt Lucy, because she seems to be showing some signs of dementia. She's talking about the "girls" she lives with, even though she lives all alone. Abigail reluctantly agrees to go to Montana and keep an eye on her aunt. When she arrives, she realizes that her aunt lives in the smallest house imaginable and it's filled with dolls that she makes and sells in her little shop. These dolls are her "girls." They are her only company and she talks with them. Abigail gets bored fairly fast and decides to help in her aunt's doll shop in town and that's where she meets Maddy. Maddy is an 11 year old girl, she lives with her widowed father. She has a pink bike, but it appears to have been stolen. So Abigail sets out to help her find it. Along the way she will rediscover her faith, and find love for a man and also for his daughter. But will that love be enough? This was a cute book. I enjoyed the story and that it was a clean romance!