This was a cute book, it's easy reading. This is a collection of 4 romantic stories all set at the same place, Harrigan Cove on Maui. There are 4 brothers Barnabas, Connor, Alex and Steve. They range in age from Barnabas at 34 on down. I don't think it mentions exactly how old any of the rest of them are. They all help to manage the Cove, it's a fancy, expensive resort. Barnabas is usually in charge of reservations, Connor is the maintenance guy, Alex is the activity guy and Steve is the accountant. All of the brothers think they are just fine without a wife, but in every instance they all are smitten and want to get married within just a very short period of time. These books make me want to go to Hawaii more than I usually want to, cause who doesn't want to go to paradise???!! One of these books was written by Denise Hunter, I read another of her books just a few weeks ago and really liked it. Just wait! I have a whole bag of her books that I checked out from the library and am just getting started with her books. What I liked about this book was that it was cute, romantic, easy to read and very clean. There isn't a swearword in any of the stories. They don't blaspheme, but are very obviously Christian. I like those kind of values in books!