The Wide-Awake Princess

It's Princess Gwendolyn's 16th birthday. She was cursed at birth by a wicked fairy that by the her 16th birthday she would prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die. Her parents were so distraught that they had another fairy come and bless her that she wouldn't die, but that she would sleep for 100 years. When they had a second daughter Princess Annabelle, they decided that they needed a protection for her from magic, so she was blessed by a fairy that no magic, good or evil, could touch her. The problem with that was that her sister was blessed by a fairy to be the most beautiful creature anywhere and her parents also had similar blessings, Annabelle, or Annie as she's called, can not be anywhere near her parents or Gwen without messing up their enchantments. Annie is searching the castle for spinning wheels on Gwen's 16th birthday when her mother insists that Annie should go in and join the party with the other princesses that have come to wish Gwen a happy birthday. One of the gifts sent to Gwen contains a spinning wheel and of course Gwen doesn't know it, nor does she even know what a spinning wheel is, having been protected from them for her whole life. She touches the needle, pricks her finger, and causes the whole castle to go to sleep. Well, everyone except for Annie. Annie must find a way to help her family wake up before the hundred years are up, or she will never be able to associate with them again. On the way she runs through almost every fairy tale there is! This was a really fun book. I loved the idea of this being told from Annie's point of view. I enjoyed all of the extra fairy tales being thrown in and all of the fun characters that brings. I'm curious to see what our 10 year-old thinks of it after she reads it!